Trainer Portals

Trainer Portal furnishes instructors with a 360° perspective on their customers. Utilizing the Trainer Portal, instructors can see their calendar for the current day, just as view participation records, wellness appraisals, and a rundown of their customers. The Portal gives individuals access to trainer mastery while letting them convey such that works best for their calendar and their objectives.
Instructors can utilize the Trainer Portal to record body estimations and wellness test results for customers, permitting them to incline the information after some time and offer the outcomes with their customers. Instructors can likewise see the Dashboard for a particular customer, permitting them to see data about the customer’s general wellbeing and wellness, produce and email custom wellness reports to the customer, and send customers text or email messages.
The Trainer Portal Schedule screen consequently shows when an instructor signs in. When the Trainer Portal is accessed, different measurements are shown in regards to the instructor preference, for example, the all-out number of customer visits during the current month, the normal number of visits per customer during the current month, the quantity of dynamic customers, the level of customers utilizing execution GPS beacons, the level of customers with late appraisals, and the most famous day and time for the instructor. These insights show at the head of the Trainer Portal Schedule screen and the Trainer Portal Clients screen.