Our consultants are our family

Compliance and Quality Assurance (CAQA) Systems has a great team, individually specialised in different fields, working together to serve you better in an efficient way. Most of them have been with us for 3 years or more. Let us learn more about them…

Anna Haranas

General Manager

Anna has over 35 years of management experience in Education and Training, Early Childhood Education and Care, Hospitality, Retail Management and Allied Health Industries. During this time, she has had extensive experience in the management of RTO’s and Apprenticeship Services, participating in several Federal and State regulatory audits. Anna, in her roles, has been responsible for planning, directing, leading and managing strategic and long-term goals. Her strengths include managing effective networks and forging strong relationships with clients. She also has strong skills in developing, directing and controlling strategic and operational frameworks and planning outcomes for organisations. Anna has been involved in understanding and responding appropriately to emerging trends, expansion opportunities, competitive opportunities and threats, viability options and internal business process improvements.

Sukh Sandhu

Senior Principal Consultant

Sukh has been working in the VET and Higher Education Industry for over 20 years. In this time, he has held several roles with RTO’s including CEO roles for International Colleges and National Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager roles for several RTO’s, TAFE’s and Universities. Sukh has also worked for ASQA as a Business Systems Project Official. Sukh has had extensive project management experience in risk management, compliance, administration and as a training consultant. He has extensive knowledge in government compliance standards and has participated in nearly one hundred audits across Australia and provided consultancy advice regarding ASQA/VRQA, TEQSA, ACPET, DET-HESG, VQF/Higher Education, ELICOS, NEAS, ANMAC, AHPRA, CRICOS, ESOS and ISO. Sukh is a member of several independent professional organisations and government bodies including, ACPET, VELG, ACS, AITD, MARA, MIA, ISANA, APEX, IEEE, The Internet Society (Global Member), AISIP, IAMOT, ACM, OISV, APACALL, IWA, Eta Kappa Nu, EDSIG and several others.

Raj Kiran

Operations and Finance Director

Raj has over two decades of experience in both the Education and Training and Nursing Industries. She has worked as a lecturer for over 5 years teaching students in the Bachelor of Nursing. Raj has gained invaluable clinical and management experience as a Registered Nurse working in Critical Care, ICU and in other clinical environments. Raj’s experience has led her to write comprehensive training and assessment resources for several specialised areas including, First Aid, Nursing, Health Support Services, Hospital/Health services, Pharmacy Support, Health Administration, Ambulance Communications, Individual Support, Disability, Dementia, Mental Heal, Community Services and Occupational English Testing for RTO’s, TAFE’s and Universities.

Michelle Newman

CAQA and CAQA Resources Senior Manager

Michelle is a high achieving leader with over 20 years of experience working on audits, learning and assessment resources and compliance. She has worked as a facilitator, coach, lead assessor, as well as a learning and compliance manager. Michelle has developed and implemented systems and strategies, policies, quality assurance framework, and worked with various stakeholders to ensure organisational compliance against all the relevant legal requirements (including the VET Quality Framework, ESOS Act, and State Regulatory Authority Requirements).​ Michelle's specialities included developing and implementing training strategies, policy development and writing, quality assurance systems and protocols, managing Learning and Development teams, formalising processes and metrics for the training function, Learning Needs Analysis, managing Instructional Design Teams, managing Instructional Design Projects, Curriculum Design and Instructional Design.

Rukman Sangha

Coordinator CAQA Systems

Rukman has been working in the Information Technology Industry for more than 3 years. In this time, he has developed specific industry skills and has completed a Diploma in Information Technology. Rukman has been training in the IT and Automotive Industries for several years and has also been developing resources in these areas. He has a strong work ethic and takes pride in the resources he develops using his experience in industry and training.

Claudia Simeone

Recruitment Coordinator & Career Coach

Claudia is a dedicated Recruitment Coordinator and Career Coach, whose goal is to assist job seekers in finding the right career path for them. Claudia has spent 13 years within the Training, Recruitment and Employment Services industry and has completed the Diploma of Counselling and Communication. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the area of employment and training have enabled her to gain the skills required to assist job seekers in overcoming barriers to employment and guiding them to achieve their goals. Specialising in the VET sector has enabled her to be successful in helping job seekers find the most suitable course of study to then increase their chances of finding employment in their chosen field. She has built relationships with local training providers, employers, employment service providers and community organisations and continues to work with them in keeping up to date with her industry knowledge and as referral services that can help with the career development of the job seeker.

Vijay Patel

Online Media Solutions Manager

Vijay is a highly experienced IT Projects Manager specialising in website designing and development and digital designing consultancy. He has a broad sector experience and brings a strong strategic and commercial focus to the leadership of IT functions, ensuring that IT is transformed into a value enabling function.​ Vijay has delivered a high range of business solutions architecture approaches and operation to end product deliverables within complex national and multi-national organisations. Vijay has completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science and a Master of Computer Application.

Aman Plaha

IT Manager

Aman has over 15 years of experience in the Training and Education, Information Technology, Networking and Client Support industries. He has also worked as an FM Engineer and managed several projects.​ Aman has a strong understanding of the needs of the VET sector and his strengths lie in balancing specialisation and cross-functional expertise, arbitration of risk, embracing analytics and enterprise architecture. Aman has completed a Graduate Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking and a Diploma in Software Development and Maintenance.