The concept of ‘reasonable adjustment’ is important and must be considered. This means that the summative assessment process may be modified so that individual participants are not disadvantaged. For example, a learner with a disability, or with issues relating to language, literacy or numeracy may require some adjustment to the assessment process.

In accordance with the Disability Standards for Education (2005), education providers are under a positive obligation to make changes to reasonably accommodate the needs of a learner with a disability. Reasonable adjustments can be made as required, as long as competence is not compromised.

We make changes to reasonably accommodate the needs of learners to ensure:

  • they have the same learning opportunities as other learners.
  • they have the same opportunity to perform and complete assessments as other learners.

For example, such a learner could be asked to demonstrate a work process rather than being asked to explain it in writing.

It is important to always provide the following information to your students, trainers and compliance officers:

  • Students with carer responsibilities, cultural or religious obligations, English as an additional language, disability etc. can request for reasonable adjustments.
  • Please note, academic standards of the unit/course will not be lowered to accommodate the needs of any student, but there is a requirement to be flexible about the way in which it is delivered or assessed.
  • The Disability Standards for Education requires institutions to take reasonable steps to enable the student with a disability to participate in education on the same basis as a student without a disability.
  • Trainer/Assessor must complete the “Reasonable Adjustment Strategies Matrix” to ensure the explanation and correct strategy have been recorded and implemented.
  • Trainer/Assessor must notify the administration/compliance and quality assurance department for any reasonable adjustments made.
  • All evidence and supplementary documentation must be submitted with the assessment pack to the administration/compliance and quality assurance department.

A table has been provided below to list different categories where reasonable adjustments can also be made, possible issues associated with each category and reasonable adjustment strategy that you can apply: